Drive-in Services

8:15, 9:45 am & 11:15 am

What to Expect

We’re learning new ways to gather together and worship God during this season of COVID. We are so excited for outdoor services and are eager to share with you that we’ll be using some new technology to allow our outdoor worship service to include a drive-in option! Here’s what you can expect when you’re joining us for outdoor services:


All those attending are asked to wear masks while interacting with our volunteers to help us keep them healthy as they serve. If you do not have a mask, they will be available at the service.

Outdoors - If you choose to sit outside, please strive to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from others. Hand sanitizer will be available.

Drive-in - If your family plans to stay in your car, please be respectful of those parked near you. If there are no cars parked directly next to you, we would love for you to roll your windows down and enjoy the summer air! However, if cars are parked next to you, please wear a mask if you choose to roll down the windows. No mask necessary if the windows are up.

Before You Arrive

This gathering has limited capacity. To ensure we have enough space for everyone, please RSVP in advance. In the RSVP, you’ll have the option to choose drive-in OR outside seating. If you signed up for a gathering and aren’t feeling well that day, please take the precaution of staying home.

When You First Arrive

Enter through the second entrance along Christian Lane. Greeters will be there to point you in the direction of our check-in drive-thru! As you drive slowly through this line, you’ll receive everything you need to participate fully in the worship service - including communion, a sheet with the lyrics for the day, and, if needed, a kid-friendly activity pack. Additionally, boxes will be available for you to deposit your offering.


Restrooms are available in the Atrium. Please enter through Entrance A at the front side of the building.

The Parking Lot

You will be guided to a parking space by our wonderful parking team. Please, honor the leading of the parking team, as we want to make sure everyone who comes has a good view of the stage.

Drive In Option

If you plan to participate in service from your car, you’ll be asked to turn on your flashers to signal to the parking team that you’ll be parking in a spot that faces the stage.

Outdoor Seating Option

If you’d like to be seated in the pavilion during worship, our parking team will direct you to parking spaces on both sides of the church. You will be welcomed by ushers as you approach the pavilion, who will be happy to show you to your seat. Please, honor the leading of the ushers as we work to seat everyone safely.

After The Worship Service

Outdoors - For those seated under the pavilion, we will have everyone exit by section to help maintain physical distance. If you want to stop and chat with someone, please move to an area away from foot traffic.

Drive-in - For those in cars, we ask that everyone follow signs and parking team guidance on the way out. All cars will be guided out the exit that flows onto Mountcastle Rd. Boxes for offering and prayer will be available as you leave.


Following the service, our pastors will be available to help you connect further with our church family, answer questions, and pray with you. Please, stop by the Connections Area to talk to someone. The connections area will be marked with signs to the left on your way out.

It'll be so good seeing you in person.


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