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We have six services every Sunday and each one is a little bit different.

Worship Center

The Worship Center is our biggest space and a little on the traditional side with (cushioned) pews and the occasional appearance of a choir and orchestra. 

Service times are 8:15, 9:40, & 11:10 am with live Spanish translation at 11:10 am.


The CLC is our second location and its services happen at the same time as the Worship Center. It tends to be a bit darker and a little louder, but has the same live sermon and songs. 

Service times are 9:40 and 11:10 am.

Sunday Night Service

This one's for all the snooze button smashers. The weekend warriors and graveyard shifters. For anyone who stayed out a bit too late. For the Sunday restaurant workers, travel sports families, healthcare workers, lazy-Sunday-loving, fun-running, tee-time-catching, sleep-deprived, non-morning party people. Come out and see what God is doing through the Sunday night service. 

The Sunday night service is at 5 pm in the CLC.


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